Roof Damage

Roof Damage


Assessing Damage to Your Roof

The aftermath of Louisiana storms often leaves homes, particularly roofs, in a state of disarray. Whether it’s the relentless rain, hail, toppling trees, or the sheer force of the wind, these elements can wreak havoc on your roof. Even storms with moderate impact can have lasting effects, making it imperative to evaluate your roof’s condition.

At Southern Home Improvement, we take immense pride in offering candid and professional roof damage assessments. Our team of skilled technicians conducts thorough roof inspections, delving into structural integrity, wind-induced damages, and shingle conditions. We recognize that sometimes, visible signs of damage don’t tell the whole story, necessitating a hands-on approach to bestow the care your roof deserves.


The fury of storm winds can forcibly lift and curl shingles, breaking their adhesive seal and leaving your roof susceptible to rain driven by these gusts. In more severe cases, high winds have the potential to rip off shingles entirely, exposing the roof deck or underlayment of older shingles. This exposure accelerates the roof’s deterioration, laying the groundwork for further, extensive damage.


Reach out to Southern Home Improvement today to avail a no-cost estimate pertaining to the extent of damage sustained by your roof. We’re here to assist in determining whether a complete replacement is necessary. Our technicians guarantee not only swiftness and integrity but also provide you with a quote that will leave you content. Our craftsmanship is poised to keep you content for years to come.”


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