Roof Installation

Roof Installation


Sleep Better Under a Southern Home Improvement Roof

Your home is your most important investment, and the roof is absolutely essential for maintaining its value and your family’s safety and comfort. If you’re building a new home, choosing a roof is crucial. And if your existing roof is damaged or aging, you should only trust the very best in a roof replacement.

Southern Home Improvement places a great deal of emphasis on honesty and integrity. We only want to replace your roof if it truly needs to be replaced. If you wait until leaks start or the damage is more visible, structural damage will have already occurred. Our free estimate will walk you through your options in roof installation.

When Installing a New Roof Makes Sense

  • If your roof has sustained damage in the past
  • If your roof is more than 15 years old
  • If your asphalt shingles are breaking down or curling
  • If you see evidence of any leaks

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